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Creating modern, scalable Data Warehouses, Data Vaults, Data Lakes & Business Data Analytics on the AWS Cloud

Our Services

iContact Consulting uses Agile repeatable processes and Industry best practices, methodologies and standards.
Our philosophy is "Just sufficient design, just sufficient architecture and don't over engineer".
Our goal is to make our Clients successful, to Automate where possible and deliver cost effective, innovative solutions with practical advice and strategies.

Strategic & Tactical Roadmaps

We understand that the best solution may not be the most business appropriate at a point in time. We can develop tactical solutions and roadmaps to buy time until the long term strategy can be agreed upon and later delivered.

Concept Models

Pictures are worth a thousand words. We quickly create simple concept models showing high level architecture and components to communicate complexity in simple terms.

Data & Business Analysis

Business Analysis and requirements are created using Stories and Use Cases. For Data Analysis we map data elements from source to target, identify business keys and collect meta data. Any technical and business transformations required are documented.

Data Modelling & Data Architecture

We develop data models and data architecture which are the initial blueprints for a data solution. Designs evolve as discoveries are made during CI/CD. We iterate with MVPs rather than over invest significant resources upfront. This enables faster business ROI and more immediate actionable analytics.

Proof of Concepts

Once a basic data model, data architecture and the initial cloud infrastructure is established we create a vertical slice of the solution as a POC. This proves all technology aspects or identifies gaps and elicits Client feedback. A working POC can deliver some immediate return on the Client's investment.

Data Vaults & Data Lakes

The Data Vault enables a modern scalable Data Warehouses to be build in a repeatable, audible and automated manner. Some data may go directly into the Data Vault Data Warehouse but other raw data may remain in the Data Lake until it needs to be processed or queried.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We can develop dashboards showing KPIs and Trends for example. Data analytics enable Predictions and Business Insights to be made once raw data is transformed and linked. A managed, self service model for Business Intelligence can be set up once governance processes are established.

Data Integration

Data integration is where the magic happens. We integrate data sets from difference sources where data analysis identifies common business keys even if the data types and element names are different. Where possible the integrations will be code free and self documented.

Agile Project Delivery

We use an Agile and iterative approach to analysis, design, development and delivery. We keep the process simple and transparent. We are experienced in the use of Kanban, Scrum and TDD as well Hypothesis based solutions delivery.

Our Team

We have an experienced team ready to help our Clients avoid pitfalls and be successful with their projects.
Our team consists of Principals and Associates and we have established relationships with similar organisations to provide resources depending on the project and Client requirements.
Steve Graham

Steve Graham

CTO & Lead Data Consultant

Steve is a Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner (CDV2P) as well as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
Steve has many years of consulting, development and agile project management experience.
He has worked on major projects for companies like CSC, Vodafone, Cisco Systems & Air New Zealand and has detailed knowledge in areas such as Financial Services, Telecoms, and Airlines.



Customer Success Manager & Project Specialist

Donna-Marie has worked with small as well as some well known Global corporations.
iContact Consulting uses her organisational skills to keep Client projects on track.

About Us


iContact Consulting is an independent software consulting company. Originally we developed and sold vertical market software but for the past 2 decades we've been a software consulting and solution delivery company.
We have successfully delivered software and business projects of all sizes for our Clients and their customers in Europe, AsiaPac and the USA.
We are product and database agnostic and prefer to use Open Source Software for value and avoiding lengthy commercial product cycles & proprietary solutions. However, if there is a better technology fit for a solution which requires specific commercial products we are pragmatic and we will advise accordingly.

iContact Consulting has been involved in the software industry since the dawn of the PC Age. We have seen technologies come and go, as well as seen the rise and fall of some major technology companies.
We guide our Clients through the hype that surrounds the tech industry and simply focus on business fundamentals and technical architectural foundations to build solutions from and deliver business value.
Change is inevitable for all Organisations large and small, so we need to expect and embrace change and design data systems which can be built incrementally, which are cost effective, flexible, scalable, robust and secure to cope with evolving business objectives.

Experience tells us

  • to listen first
  • to understand our clients business problems second
  • and then work out how to best to solve those problems
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    •   +61 481 181 996
    •   Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

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    Our Location

    We are located in Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

    The Sunshine Coast is known locally as the Silicon Coast and is home to several software companies.

    We mainly work remotely on the AWS Cloud for Clients who are often based overseas.